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Bitcoin is the worlds first digital currency and launched in 2009. Over the last 10 years it has grown in reputation, popularity – and value.

10,000 Bitcoin (BTC) in 2009, worth approx $20, would be worth $190,000,000 in Jan 2018! Therefore, many investors are thinking seriously about putting their money into BTC.

As well as for savings, Bitcoin is a great way to purchase goods online as the cost for items in BTC is the same across the world. More and more retailers are accepting BTC in payments instead of regular fiat currencies (£, $ etc).

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Why Use Bitcoin?

Truly Global Currency

Pay for products from anywhere in the world using Bitcoin without any exchange rates or having to convert money from one currency to another.

Transparent Transactions

Bitcoin transactions are digitally signed and verified before being added to the Blockchain which is accessible to all.

Future Proof Investing

The value of Bitcoin has exploded in the last decade. As the world economy goes digital, Bitcoin is a leading contender for a global currency.

Safer Than Gold or Cash

Since Bitcoin is a digital asset it cannot be physically stolen or affected by inflation in the way traditional currencies may be, and it is much easier to store than gold.

Alternative To Banks

If you don’t have access to a bank account then buying Bitcoin allows you to store your money digitally.

A Growing Community

More and more retailers are accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment across the world from all types of industry and as an alternative to Paypal and credit card.

What you need to know

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Bitcoin safe?

Absolutely. All transactions are digitally signed, then verified before being added to the blockchain.

The whole point of the blockchain is to record all transactions, but in a decentralised way.

All Bitcoin transactions are therefore recorded in the blockchain, and there are countless copies of the blockchain so the records are always available.

Is Crypto-Store free?

There is no cost to the retailer for installing Crypto-Store technology in your shop.

However, we do request that you keep our technology secure and do not tamper with it, in accordance with our licence agreement.

Customers are charged a small transaction fee for converting their cash into Bitcoin using our system.

How much does a Bitcoin cost?

Like any investment the value of Bitcoin goes up and down. You can find out the value of Bitcoin by going to CoinDesk here.

When you purchase Bitcoin through Crypto-Store we will always be clear about the amount of Bitcoin you will receive.

How can I see how many Bitcoin I have?

When you register with Crypto-Store you are also required to get a Wallet from Bitcoin.org.

All transactions are then made from Wallet, for example if you purchase Bitcoin through Crypto-Store they will transferred into your Wallet.

Your Wallet is fully secure and encrypted to keep your Bitcoin safe at all times.

Can I purchase things with my Bitcoin?

Yes you can. If you find a retailer who will accept Bitcoin then simply use your Wallet to pay for any services or products.