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Cash To Bitcoin In 3 Easy Steps

Take Some Money

Customers can handover money to you in the form of notes which you can then process through the system.

Get The Latest Rate

Our handy Bitcoin calculator will show how many Bitcoin your customer can purchase for their amount of money.

Process The Transaction

It takes seconds using our easy portal. You collect the money and the Bitcoin is transferred to their wallet immediately.

Bitcoin Teller Technology For Your Shop

Easy To Use Interface

We understand you will be busy running your store, therefore our system has been built to be as easy to use as possible. With little or no training required you will be up and running in minutes.

Get Instant Rates

You can give your customers the latest and exact Bitcoin rates for their money so they know exactly how much they are getting.

Process Transactions Fast

The typical time to process payments through Crypto Store is 45 seconds. All you need is access to the internet in your shop.

Immediate Transfer Of Funds

Cash processed through our system will go to your customers Bitcoin Wallet immediately. Before they leave your shop they will see the money in their account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone use Crypto Store to buy Bitcoin?

Yes, however you need first register to use our system. For customers we are legally required to do a due diligence check.

This involves sending us your ID and proof of address for our records and to verify you onto our system.

Once a customer registers with Crypto Store they can access their Bitcoin via a special online Wallet app on their phone.

Is Crypto Store free?

There is no cost to the retailer for installing Crypto Store technology in your shop.

However, we do request that you keep our technology secure and do not tamper with it, in accordance with our licence agreement.

Customers are charged a small transaction fee for converting their cash into Bitcoin using our system.

Where do the Bitcoins go?

When a customer registers to use our technology we open a Wallet for them which they can access via an app.

All money covered into Bitcoin will then be transferred Into the customers Wallet. The process is instant.

The Wallet can be used to make purchases via Bitcoin, or just as a way to save and invest in Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Wallets are fully secure and using the latest in blockchain technology to encrypt your money in a secure.

How does the retailer get paid?

We transfer your commission to you at the end of every calendar month to your designated account.

What if I need help?

Your dedicated account manager is always on hand to help out if you need assistance.

We can provide full training to help you use our system.