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Tips On Using Bitcoin Securely

If you want to get the most out of cryptocurrency then you should take security seriously.

At Crypto-Store we want Bitcoin to be accessible to everyone, therefore we recommend you follow a few straightforward tips to ensure you have a trouble-free experience.

As well as the tips below you can rest assured that Crypto-Store follow the latest FCA money laundering and anti-fraud guidance to keep our customers protected.

The Do’s and Don’ts

Bitcoin Security Tips

Ask For Advice If You Need It

If you aren’t sure of a transaction or don’t fully understand something then always ask someone you trust before you go through with it. If you do not feel comfortable then STOP right away.

Never Share Your Private Key

All Bitcoin transactions require your Public key but your Private Key is only to be used by you when sending Bitcoin. Never share it.

Use Reputable Companies

It’s easy to get tricked into doing transactions online so you should ensure you stick to using companies you trust which have a good reputation.

Educate Yourself

It can be tempting to jump into using cryptocurrencies without fully understanding them. If you really want to get the best return spend a bit of time learning about them and we are sure it will help you in the long run.

Use Your Personal Wallet

Keeping money in Exchanges can leave you open to hacks so always transfer into your own Wallet which only you have the Private Key for.

Invest What You Can Afford

The value of any investment can go up as well as down so only invest what you can afford to lose. Be aware that whatever you invest is subject to changing market conditions.

What you need to know

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Bitcoin safe?

Absolutely. All transactions are digitally signed, then verified before being added to the blockchain.

The whole point of the blockchain is to record all transactions, but in a decentralised way.

All Bitcoin transactions are therefore recorded in the blockchain, and there are countless copies of the blockchain so the records are always available.

Is Crypto-Store safe?
At Crypto-Store we use secure technology to handle Bitcoin transactions.

We also follow the latest anti-fraud and money laundering tools to ensure everything is in line with FCA guidelines.

How can I be sure Crypto-Store is safe?
Whenever you hand money over to your shopkeeper the Bitcoin is transferred into your Wallet almost immediately. Before you leave the store you should have Bitcoin in your Wallet.

All Bitcoin transactions are verified and stored in the blockchain (a decentralised ledger) so there is never any doubt as to where your money has gone.

How can I use Bitcoin safely?

Follow a common-sense approach – never share your Private key, and only do transactions where you can trust the other party.

Your Private Key is similar to your credit card PIN number, therefore always keep it secure and never allow anyone else to have access to it.