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Bringing Bitcoin To The High Street

Crypto-Store allows retailers and shopkeepers to sell Bitcoin to their customers in a fast, secure way and increase their footfall.

Using our easy to use technology all you need is an internet connection and you can start processing transactions in minutes.

For each transaction you put through our system you can earn commission right away.

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grow your business

Attract More Customers

Your customers already use you for their local amenities and services. You may already offer services such as pre-payment cards and top-ups for utilities.

Thanks to Crypto-Store you can now offer your customers an easy way to save and invest their money into Bitcoin – a modern, secure digital asset they can use for years to come.

Your UK based Dedicated Account Manager will help you promote and develop your business so that customers are aware that you offer Crypto-Store technology. Your Account Manager will also be able to help you with any further queries and issues.

Instant Transactions

No waiting or lengthy processes, money is converted into Bitcoin quickly and seamlessly.

Build More Trust

Your customers will use you for years to come for their future Bitcoin investing.

Future Proof Your Business

As spending habits change you will have the technology in store to accept Bitcoin as payment.

Low Transaction Fees

Our fees are lower than the typical Bitcoin ATM providers making our service more attractive to customers.

Easy, No Fuss Set-up

Get Started In Minutes

Simply register your interest with us today and once you are approved we will provide you with everything you need.

All we ask is for you to have an internet connection in your store and we will provide full training to help you start processing Bitcoin transactions.

The Future Is Here

Are You Going To Be Part Of It?

At Crypto-Store our aim is to bring Bitcoin to the high street and we feel there is a growing demand for customers who want to use the new digital currency.

As popularity and knowledge of Bitcoin increases you can provide a quick and easy way for customers to safely exchange their money.

Your customers already use you for other utilities so with Crypto-Store you can add the future of banking to your list of services.

As use of Bitcoin grows the number of customers who will need an easy way of buying Bitcoin is projected to skyrocket in the coming years. By signing up today you can be at the forefront of that trend.

What You need to know

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency launched in 2009. All transactions are stored in a decentralised ledger known as the Blockchain. Bitcoin transactions are always fully verified and digitally signed before being added to the Blockchain. This makes Bitcoin an incredibly safe and transparent way of processing payments.

What can I do with Bitcoin?

The main use of Bitcoin is to purchase products or services online, and more and more retailers are starting to accept it including big names like Microsoft, Burger King, Subway, ExpressVPN and Virgin Galactic.

In the coming years it is expected many more retailers will begin to accept Bitcoin as a form of payment.

Bitcoin is a truly global currency and there is no exchange rate so no matter what you buy from anywhere in the world it will always be the same price. This makes it very attractive to people who buy things from across the world.

Can I buy Bitcoin as an investment?

Yes, more and more people are looking to invest their money into Bitcoin as a digital asset. Since it’s launch in 2009 the value of Bitcoin has grown hugely and there are many cases of Bitcoin billionaires who have seen their investments rapidly grow.

We expect more and more customers to use Bitcoin as a way of investing their money, rather than putting it into bank accounts.

Bitcoin is also the primary way of purchasing new alt-coins and emerging cryptocurrencies through an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) for example. If you are thinking of investing in other cryptocurrencies then you need to start with Bitcoin.

Is Crypto-Store free?

We charge a small transaction fee to customers for using our platform but there is no cost to the retailer for installing our system in their shop or store. We typically charge less than other Bitcoin providers.

Where is my Bitcoin saved?
Bitcoin is stored in a digital wallet which is available from for free.
How can I see how many Bitcoin I have?

You can see how many Bitcoin you have by viewing your Wallet. All transactions are available to view in the ledger via Blockchain checking tools.

How does the retailer get paid?

You are paid every month based on the transactions put through the system. Your account manager will discuss this with you in detail.

Can I purchase things with my Bitcoin?

Yes you can. If you find a retailer who will accept Bitcoin then simply use your Wallet to pay for any services or products.

What if I need help?

Your dedicated account manager is always on hand to help out if you need assistance.

We can provide full training to help you use our system.

How else can Crypto-Store help my business?

Many retailers report seeing an increase in footfall as more customers visit them to purchase Bitcoin. With increased footfall you can also sell other products and services.

We can also help by listing your shop or convenience store on Google My Business as a Bitcoin Retailer. This will give your business a presence on Google My Business as a provider of Bitcoin services locally.

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