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If you want to convert money into Bitcoin then our easy to use system will make it simple and quick.

Simply take your money to a local shop with Crypto-Store technology and you can have Bitcoin within minutes.

step one

Register For Your Account

The first step in purchasing Bitcoin is to have a Wallet which is used to digitally store your coins – you can get this directly from bit

After that you just need to register with us and you can start purchasing Bitcoin right away once we have verified your details.

We take security and money laundering very seriously so all new accounts are verified with ID and proof of address as per FCA requirements.

Whenever you buy or sell Bitcoin (or make a purchase with Bitcoin), it will be from your Wallet.

step two

Find your local Crypto-Store Retailer

We have new retailers signing up every month across the UK.

Step three

Convert Your Money Instore

Crypto-Store allows customers to convert cash in the form of banknotes and coins into Bitcoin.

Hand over the money to your local shopkeeper and they will be able to process it on the system.

Your shopkeeper will use a handy inbuilt calculator to let you know how many Bitcoin you can purchase for your amount of money.

Get The Latest Rate

Your shopkeeper will be able to instantly tell you how many Bitcoin you will receive for the amount of money you give them.

Instant Transfer

Bitcoin are instantly transferred into your Wallet in seconds. There is no waiting for it to be processed.

Step Four

Spend Or Save Your Bitcoin

Once you have Bitcoin in your Wallet you can use it however you wish. Many of our customers use Bitcoin as a way of saving their money in a secure way, as an alternative to putting it into a bank account, or as an investment like stocks and shares.
More and more retailers are happy to start accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment and this is only set to increase. With your Wallet you will be able to buy things with just a click of a button using your mobile phone Wallet app.

What you need to know

Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone use Crypto-Store to buy Bitcoin?

Yes, however you need first register to use our system. For customers we are legally required to do a due diligence check.

It is an FCA requirement for us to verify your details such as ID and proof address which we do on every new account.

Once a customer registers with Crypto-Store they can access their Bitcoin using their Wallet.

Where do the Bitcoins go?

All money covered into Bitcoin will then be transferred into the customers Wallet. The process is instant.

The Wallet can then be used to make purchases via Bitcoin, or just as a way to save and invest in Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Wallets are fully secure and using the latest in blockchain technology to encrypt your money in a secure way.