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Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone use Crypto-Store to buy Bitcoin?

Yes, however you need first register to use our system. For customers we are legally required to do a due diligence check as an FCA requirement.

This involves sending us your ID and proof of address for our records and to verify you onto our system.

Once a customer registers with Crypto-Store they can access their Bitcoin via their Wallet which is available from

Is Crypto-Store free?

There is no cost to the retailer for installing Crypto-Store technology in your shop.

However, we do request that you keep our technology secure and do not tamper with it, in accordance with our licence agreement.

Customers are charged a small transaction fee for converting their cash into Bitcoin using our system.

How can I find a Bitcoin provider local to me?
You can search using our Bitcoin provider tool on this page.

Alternatively if you can’t find someone who provides Bitcoin services then you could recommend us to your local store. They can then contact us and become a Bitcoin provider.