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Our Vision

We believe cryptocurrency will play a great role in the future of financial services as we move towards a global economy.

We feel the lack of ease in purchasing cryptocurrency is holding back uptake within the general public.

For cryptocurrencies to reach their full potential they should be available to all just as easily as we buy milk from our local grocery store.

our plan for growth

About Crypto-Store

By partnering with local stores we believe we could make availability and convenience a core foundation of our service.

This would benefit both customers through availability and retail store owners through increased foot fall to their business.

By developing trust and reliability as a cornerstone of our service we believe more and more customers will consider Crypto-Store technology to be synonymous with easy Bitcoin buying.

In addition to the purchase of Bitcoin we are also working on updating our technology to allow the selling of coins thereby developing the investment potential for customers.

In accordance with latest FCA regulations for the purchase and sale of Bitcoin we hope to promote a safe and secure platform which customers can rely on.